Strategic Vision & Goals

We believe in an inclusive Dominican Republic that provides access to high-quality education and promotes the human rights of all people.


Short term
To create access to quality education in Batey Libertad from pre-K through university; to form a larger network of support and solidarity through service-learning trips and a Dominican volunteer program; to provide support to the local public school teachers by connecting them to teacher training programs.

Mid term
After establishing successful programs in Batey Libertad, we will replicate and tailor our programs in other bateys and marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic so students there have access to quality education, college degrees, and jobs beyond non-contracted agriculture and construction work. We will also work with local legal non-profits to ensure that our students have access to documentation and to document and challenge the denial of citizenship at a local, national, and international level.

Long term
By creating a network of communities with access to education, as well as social and economic capital, we will support bateys and other marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic to advocate for change. We will do so in particular by:

– Ensuring that the Dominican government, the Ministry of Education, school districts, and local schools do not deny access to education because of documentation or nationality.
– Demanding that documentation issuance be reformed to be fair, consistent, and transparent, without discrimination based on race.
– Supporting the coalition for education reform in the Dominican Republic.