Yspaniola is Building Brighter Futures!

As the community of Batey Libertad grows and its needs evolve, Yspaniola lacks the resources and space to respond. We previously delivered classes in a rented community building with two makeshift classrooms, but this is now in a state of disrepair. 

Between December 26 and January 2, we hold our annual Holiday Match Fundraiser, which allowed us to raise $50,000 to start building a brand new, purpose-built and fully equipped Learning Center! 

Yspaniola’s programs in the new Center could reach more than 160 children. We will need your support more than ever. To complete this project, we will need to raise another 100,000$ over the next few months. 

Your investment in the young minds of Batey Libertad will ensure the future of our literacy programs and build brighter futures.

Watch this video to discover Johnny’s story, and why we need your help to build our new Learning Center!

Learn more about our project : a new Learning Center in Batey Libertad

Since our inception, Yspaniola has strived to reach as many students as possible. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we served 165 students on a weekly basis. Since the outbreak, we have worked directly with 60 students, and provided other forms of community support. 

In 2015, we purchased and renovated the building that now houses our preschool, and in 2020 we refurbished a small community home which is now a mini classroom and library. To expand our operations once again, we want to create a new Learning Center! This will be a brand new space for our teachers like Johnny to continue their work – read on for Johnny’s inspiring personal story.

Download the brochure here to learn about all the details of our new center. 

How to help?

Get together with your family, friends and members of your community and create a special event to raise funds. Whether it’s a marathon, a bake sale in your community or a dinner party, any idea is welcome!

Collaborating with Yspaniola can be as easy as sharing a post or using a hashtag with your online community. 

Make sure to include the official campaign’s hashtag #BuildBrighterFutures and tag @Yspaniola in all your posts and stories. Check out what other members of the Yspaniola family like you are doing for this campaign using our hashtag. Encouraging your friends and family to share/retweet your social media posts can also boost engagement!

Here are some post ideas to share on any of your social medias:

  • From December 26 to January 2, @Yspaniola is raising vital funds for its educational programs and to build a new Learning Center. Located in rural Dominican Republic, Batey Libertad’s community could benefit from your generosity during the holidays. 160 students aged 4-16 could learn how to read and write confidently! Together, let’s Build Brighter Futures!

  • @Yspaniola operates in Batey Libertad, a marginalized, rural community in the Dominican Republic, where access to quality education is limited. Through their education programs, they help students acquire the tools to successfully advocate for themselves and their communities. Yspaniola is dreaming of a new Learning Centre to increase their impact. From December 26 to January 2 every donation will be doubled. Please consider donating to help them build brighter futures for Batey Libertad’s youth!

Would you like to have visuals? 

Ask your friends and family members to forgo holiday gifts or birthday presents and invest in the education of Batey Libertad’s youth.

Sometimes, a short email from someone close to us is all it takes. Writing a short email to your friends and family explaining our project does not take much time or effort, and can have amazing results. Send personal messages to your recipients and use an appealing subject line. A personalized approach raises the chances the person you are writing to will be motivated to get involved in the education of Batey Libertad’s talented children. Here is an example of what you could write to your friends and family: