Incident Reports

Welcome to this dedicated space where we transparently document and share information about human rights abuses. At the core of our mission is a commitment to exposing injustices, advocating for accountability, and empowering individuals to voice their experiences. Through this platform, we aim to shed light on the challenges faced by communities, offering a comprehensive view of incidents that demand attention and collective action. 

Each incident report is a testament to the resilience of individuals facing human rights violations. By providing detailed accounts, supported by evidence when available, we strive to bring awareness to the issues at hand and foster a sense of urgency for change.

We invite you to explore these reports, bearing witness to the stories that shape our advoacy efforts. Together, we can amplify these voices, catalyze conversations, and work towards a world where human rights are universally respected and protected.

Reporting Process:

  • Engaging the Community: Our reporting process is rooted in community engagement. We prioritise direct communication with as many community members as possible to gain comprehensive insights into the landscape of the violations. By fostering open dialogue, we aim to build trust and ensure that our reports reflect the diverse experiences and perspectives within the community.
  • Collecting Testimonies: We actively seek testimonies from individuals with important information related to human rights abuses. These first-hand accounts play a crucial role in shaping our understanding of specific incidents. Though confidential interviews and outreach efforts, we create a platform for individuals to share their experiences, amplifying their voices while respecting their privacy and safety.
  • Anonymous Reporting: Recognising the sensitivity of the issues at hand, we provide avenues for anonymous reporting. Understanding that some individuals may fear reprisals, we have implemented measures to protect the identities of those who wish to share information discreetly. This allows us to gather critical data while prioritising the safety of those involved.