Our Local Team

Amy Porter

Executive Director

Amy holds an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development from the University of London, UK, and a BSc in Modern Languages from Aston University. Having conducted her Master's thesis research in the Dominican Republic in 2012, Amy was pleased to return in 2017 bringing with her great energy and a fundraising passion to support Yspaniola's team. Amy originally joined Yspaniola as Director of Development before becoming Executive Director. Previously, Amy spent 18 months working with two NGOs which support indigenous Mayan communities in rural Guatemala. She also has four years experience with UK human rights organizations as a fundraiser and campaigner.

Wilson Sentimo


From Batey Libertad, Wilson takes care of all Yspaniol'a premises, and keeps our preschool park in beautiful conditions. During Yspaniola’s Summer Camps, he often leads music programs, as he loves singing, rapping, and is a talented drummer. Wilson also enjoys showing visitors around Batey Libertad, sharing stories about the community and the changes that the batey has seen over time.

Mirian Rodríguez

Administrative Manager

Born and raised in Batey Libertad, she holds a degree in Accounting from UTESA, and is now studying for her second degree in Industrial Psychology. Before working at Yspaniola, Mirian worked in Santiago as an administrative assistant. Today, she is delighted that working with Yspaniola allows her to support her community directly.

Mayra Rodríguez


Mayra graduated from Yspaniola's University Scholars Program in 2016, earning a degree in Natural Sciences Education from the Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago (UTESA) in Santiago. Mayra has been a part of Yspaniola’s programming for several years, helping students and supporting teachers in the classrooms. Currently, she is a full-time teacher in the Learning Center.

Johnny Dose

Teaching Assistant

Johnny is a full-time teacher in our preschool program. Johnny is a qualified teacher, having graduated with a degree in Education at UTESA in Mao. He is bilingual in Spanish and Haitian Creole, which means that he is able to support our youngest learners, many of whom speak only Creole with their parents.

María Sosa

Food Program Coordinator

A mother of three, María (known as "Toutouta") began working as Food Program Coordinator in September 2017 and greatly enjoys the opportunity to interact with children in a school-based setting. She has many high hopes for the children of Batey Libertad: “I hope that they grow up to have a good future, good education, and good health.” Toutouta also supports Yspaniola as a Host Mom, welcoming students and volunteers into her home and making them feel at ease throughout their stay. In her free time, Toutouta enjoys sitting outside her house with friends and talking over a nice cup of coffee.

Yohanna Jean

Teaching Assistant

Yohanna is a Teaching Assistant in our preschool program. She is bilingual in Spanish and Haitian Creole, which means that she is able to support our youngest learners, many of whom speak only Creole with their parents. Yohanna was born and raised in Batey Libertad, and her sister Sofia is an Yspaniola University Scholar.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Administrative Assistant / Operations and Partnerships Manager

Elizabeth Hernandez began in the role of Operations and Partnerships Manager in September 2022. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Education Center Management, as well as a Teaching Certificate. Previously, she worked in the Regional Education District in an administrative role, so she has much experience of the public school system and in particular working with teachers.

International Fellows and Interns

Yspaniola partners with Princeton in Latin America, a non-profit organization that places recent college graduates interested in international development and education with non-profits across Latin America. In addition, Yspaniola hires talented fellows to further strengthen the organization’s team. Fellowships are full-time, temporary work placements, of up to one year, that support Yspaniola’s local programs and contribute to media development, grant writing, and community outreach projects.

Téïlo Piedrahita Rosero

Operations and Development Fellow

Téïlo is currently completing a Master’s in Communications and International Studies at the University of Rouen. He brings extensive experience in preschool education from his work in Colombia and Peru, along with a solid academic background in Communication and Business Administration. Téïlo is keenly interested in international relations, particularly in the role of education and community empowerment in human development. In his current role, as Operations and Development Fellow, he supports the fundraising, public relations, and educational efforts of the nonprofit.

Elisena Metellus

Operations and Development Fellow

Elisena graduated magna cum laude from the University of Ottawa in June 2022. She completed her degree in International Development and Globalization. Her interest in humanitarian work, especially education and human rights, led her to Yspaniola. Identifying as a Haitian-Canadian has helped Elisena integrate smoothly into the Batey community as she speaks fluent Haitian Creole. Our students and their parents are very excited to have a fellow that shares their cultural background and can communicate with them in the dominant language of the Batey community!

Sophia Robinson

Operations and Development Fellow

Sophia graduated from the University of Elon with a bachelor's degree in International Global Studies in May 2022. Sophia is Colombian-American and feels that traveling to many different countries has helped form her perspective on transnational issues and development. Sophia has spent the past two years involved in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work and community engagement on her college campus as a Student Coordinator for the Center of Race Ethnicity and Diversity Education. Sophia’s previous work experience also includes volunteering with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in the United States. Her interest in international development and human rights has led her to Batey Libertad and she is excited to learn and grow at Yspaniola.

Volunteers from the Batey

Yspaniola works closely with a committee of young adults from Batey Libertad to help plan and run service-learning trips. The volunteer committee also helps with outreach in the community related to the Learning Center, parent and community member inclusion, documentation, and more. The committee is crucial in achieving cross-cultural learning with our service-learning trip participants, and represents Yspaniola’s efforts to facilitate the education and leadership of marginalized youth so that they can act within and advocate for their communities.