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Who are we
Yspaniola is an education-focused 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Batey Libertad, Dominican Republic.
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Dominican Republic
Where we are
In the Dominican Republic, more than 200,000 people live in bateys, which are marginalized rural communities with limited access to clean water, electricity, sanitation, education and healthcare.
Slide 3 - Empowerment
Community empowerment
What we believe in
Yspaniola believes that by creating quality education programs from preschool through university and encouraging civic participation, we can support community action necessary for change.
Let's Build Brighter Futures!
We are building a new Learning Center
As the community of Batey Libertad grows and its needs evolve, we are fundraising $100,000 to build a brand new, purpose-built and fully equipped Learning Center to teach 170 children.
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Inspiring Change-Makers!

Yspaniola is a Dominican-American education nonprofit building a model of high-quality education programs in Batey Libertad from pre-kindergarten through to university. After creating successful programs in Batey Libertad, our goal is to replicate our model in other bateys and marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic. Yspaniola’s vision is for the graduates of our programs to possess the knowledge and tools they need to successfully advocate for themselves and their communities.

Currently, Yspaniola’s academic programming includes the operation of a community Learning Center with a small library, a University Scholarship Program, and a Preschool. Our preschool currently offers two Kinder classes (4 year-olds) and classes four days to students in pre-primary and first grade. Up until June 2018, we also provided daily classes and tutoring sessions in our Learning Center for students in grades 2-9. With the onset of the full school day in our region of the country in August 2018, we began a pilot program of working in collaboration with the local public school to provide literacy-focused, supplementary education to students from grades 2-5 within a public school setting, and this pilot is ongoing. Our Yspaniola University Scholarship program provides full scholarships and academic support for 5 university students from Batey Libertad.


We believe in an inclusive Dominican Republic, which provides access to high-quality education and promotes the human rights of all people.


Currently, there are hundreds of bateys spread throughout the Dominican Republic. These isolated communities are home to residents of Haitian descent who lack access to basic civil and human rights, like the right to an education, travel, vote, and citizenship. Thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent who live


in cities and towns across the Dominican Republic face similar difficulties accessing rights and services.

Pathway to Change

Since 2009, Yspaniola has worked to build high-quality education programs from pre-K through university in Batey Libertad. Our aim for the future is to expand our education initiatives, tailoring them to each new community we work in, to help young people to overcome barriers to quality education. Want to know more ? Read about our programs below, and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.

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